My name is Eva Matthews and this is my brand new blog. I love falconry and fishing and many outdoor sports,   I was first introduced to falconry when I was 6 and instantly fell in love with it, When I was eight I came to Tori and David’s falconry centre as often as I could to fly the birds of prey with my own hands, (and gauntlet obviously)

Then when I was eleven I started fishing however I highly encourage people to start even younger than that as well or older. It is so relaxing, on my first ever day fishing did something that would only happen once in a lifetime, I caught 13 brown trout. Fishing is something I will always be doing.

On my most recent trip to WCBOP I was able to help with the display and it felt amazing. I did tester run for the bat trail and gave kids mini activities which or on all of the time.

To conclude my first blog I just want to say that it doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female like me you can always fly birds you can always fish you can do basically anything outdoors. So I highly recommend you take a visit to the river to fish or to WCBOP to fly high.