Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will we be able to hold the birds?
A: Yes if you have booked on one of our experiences you will be given plenty of opportunity to hold the birds, have them fly to you and to take endless photos.

Q: What clothing should I wear?
A: Suitable footwear for outdoors, i.e. walking boots or wellies is recommended for any of our experiences, clothing should be waterproof, warm and not too bright, it is recommended to avoid fake fur as the hawks might mistake you for a rabbit!

Q: Can we just turn up for an experience?
A: Booking is required for all of our experiences and you should allow at least ten days’ notice to avoid disappointment (weekend spaces are very limited).

Q: Do we need to book to see the display?
A: You do not need to book to see one of our centres displays, however please check the website to make sure we are open before turning up.

Q: Can the birds fly in wind and rain?
A: NO, to ensure the bird’s safety is paramount at all times we will not fly them in extreme wind or rain; as a result your experience may need to be rescheduled.

Q: Can my child attend an experience on their own?
A: No – all under 16’s must be accompanied by a paying adult on any of our experiences and our displays.

Q: Can we bring a picnic?
A: No unfortunately you are unable to consume food or drink within the centre due to hygiene rules you can however get an excellent coffee, lunch or drink at Walworth Castle Hotel which is 1 min walk from the centre or you can get a superb ice cream at Archers Ice Cream which is 2 min drive.

Q: How much is the entry?
Please check the website for up to date entry fees.

Q: I’m frightened of birds will I be safe?
A: Of course, we only feed naughty children to birds (joking) all our birds are fully trained, experienced display birds, if you mention on arrival that you are nervous our falconers will make sure you are well looked after.

Q: Can I volunteer?
A: We have a huge waiting list for volunteers but you can always send us your details via email and we would be happy to add them to our list.

Q: I am interested in owning a bird of prey, what should I do next?
A: We run falconry courses on set dates (see courses for more info) we would highly recommend attending at least four before even contemplating owning as bird, there is a lot more to it than just buying one, we are always happy to help and offer advice.

Q: Where do you get the birds ?
A: Most of the birds we have are captive bred, that is, bred in captivity for the purposes of falconry, or, for use in education as examples of birds found in the wild. We now concentrate on increasing our examples of birds to be found in Britain and Europe. We also have a few birds that are classified as “Endangered”. This may be the only chance our visitors will get to see these rare species. We also have some birds that have been confiscated from their owners.

Q: Can the birds fly ?
A: All our birds are flown regularly, either as part of an activity, display, or for exercise. We do not fly birds whilst they are moulting there is no incentive for them to return for food, or, in some cases, damage can be done to new feathers when flying.

Q: Why are some of the birds tied down ?
A: All of our birds are housed in “free-flying” aviaries, something which is very important to us, you may however see some birds tethered during your visit on our weathering lawn, these may be young birds undergoing training and extra handling or older birds just coming back into work and therefore on reduced diet.

Q: How do I find the Centre?
A: Please see the How to find and contact us page for details.

Q: Are dogs allowed at the Centre?
A: Sorry, dogs are not allowed.

Q: Is the centre wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, the centre has full disabled access.

Q: Is there adequate car parking?
A: Yes, a large free on-site car park is available

Q: Do you visit schools and clubs etc?
A: Yes, we are available for offsite events and can tailor the event to meet your requirements.

Q: Will I need to bring any equipment?
A: All falconry equipment is provided but we recommend wearing the appropriate seasonal clothing and footwear.

Q: Are you fully insured?
A: Yes, we have full public and employers liability insurance and hold a current zoo licence and public display licence.

Q: I have paid online, how long does it take to receive the voucher?
A: Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery but generally they are sent out 1st Class on the day we receive the booking, or the next day if received after 5pm. If you have left it a bit too late for a voucher to reach you for a present, we can email you a copy to print off, and the hard copy will arrive after (please call us to arrange this).

Q: Can we take photographs?
A: Students on our bird handling experiences are welcome to bring their own camera/ video cameras to take photographs during their time with us. Flash is also not a problem for the birds.

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