Meet the Team

Tori Goodall

Tori Goodall, a keen falconer herself, has a life-long love of country sports, enjoys flying her Harris Hawk Big Red and Training their team of display birds and working dogs. She is sometimes hard to keep quiet (she will kill me for this) but her passion and enthusiasm for the birds and their surrounding environment makes the experience with us unforgettable. When it comes to outdoor displays and school visits her ability to speak clearly at ease, good sense of humour and broad knowledge makes for an exciting and informative yet not too serious display.

Role: Head Falconer
The Boss
Likes: Horses and being right!
Dislikes: Naughty children and being wrong!


David Toms

Born and bred in the North East, David Toms has twenty years’ experience flying and breeding birds of prey, specialising in Goshawks. His other passions include his German wire-haired pointers, which he works alongside his birds. David is incredibly knowledgable about the countryside and its wildlife and anyone who has been with us for an experience will tell you he is extremely passionate about the experience we provide.

Role: Head Falconer
Likes: Fan Mail
Dislikes: Working with his wife and Alfie (Kestrel)


Role: Resident Photographer
Likes: Ted, Dodge and all wildlife
Dislikes: Bossy women




Role: Shop Manager
Mystic Meg
Likes: Gin, Gin and Gin
Dislikes: Staff not washing up and running out of gin


Role: Landscaping/Customer Service Dept.
“Granny G”
Likes: Gardening, Horses, Taid the Labrador
Dislikes: Using the till, using the card machine, using the computer!!!

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