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Our favourite thing after chocolate is educating and what better place to start than the next generation! You can hire us to visit your school, club or group alternatively you can also arrange a visit to us at the centre.

Our main goal is to inspire children to engage and get involved with wildlife, conservation and the great outdoors, our talks are designed to be fun, engaging and informative and suitable for every age group.

Tori has over 15 years’ experience as a qualified riding instructor alongside the falconry business and this has given her the wealth of experience in working with children and groups of all ages, her ability to speak clearly, at ease and encourage all the class to interact has been widely appreciated in all the visits we have offered to date.

Our talks can be aimed at a variety of subjects across the school curriculum and are targeted at all ages of children. Talks include the opportunity to see birds of prey in flight and to handle the birds in a classroom setting. Flying may be undertaken indoors or outdoors, depending on your venue and suitable weather conditions.

Below are just some examples what we can use in our talks and displays to work alongside education:
•    Draw and label the right habitat or make a food chain for a type of bird
•    Write a short poem or story about a bird of prey you have seen in the wild
•    Learn how important weight is to falconry and feeding the birds and guess the weights of some of the birds in class
•    Make a collage of birds and falconry
•    Draw and colour a picture of a bird looking for its prey in its wild habitat#
•    Learn about a bird of preys senses and Hunting skills
•    Learning about words which have derived from falconry terms
•    Work out how many voles a barn owl can eat in a year


Q: Do I need lots of room for a visit?
A: No, most lessons are held in the classroom or the hall depending on the Class/Group sizes, for an outdoor flying display we require a decent sized playing field.

Q:  How many pupils can take part in each group?
A: There is no limit to the class size for any of the talks, but as you will appreciate the larger the group of children the less time there is for individual questions, answers and interaction.

Q: How much does a visit cost?
A: The hourly rate gets cheaper the longer the visit lasts.

Schools/Groups Visits, Talks and Displays:

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The hours can be divided up, for example 4 x 45 min sessions would still equate to 3 hours, there may also be a small travel fee to add (There is no charge for travel to Schools within a 20-mile radius)

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